The Classic collection is the result of a careful search for refinement, in which echoes of the past are reinterpreted in a modern key.
The Firenze collection pays homage to the city that welcomed Giampiero and that is an inexhaustible source of ever new ideas and stimuli.
In the Unic collection the undisputed protagonist is stone, the unique and creative workmanship of our designers is capable of making you fall in love at first glance.
Finally, the 92CINQUE collection in silver, the latest born under the star Alcozer, represents the promise of continuous renewal of our decades-long company.

Semiprecious stones, pearls and crystals are the words with which Giampiero Alcozer writes his poems, creating not only a jewel but a small sculpture full of history and meaning that allows you to always carry the excellence of Made in Italy with you.
"Every creation is a declaration of love for femininity, for life"

Giampiero Alcozer

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