Alcozer & J is an artisan company, specialized in the creation and production of luxury jewelery, born in Florence in 1994 from the dream of its founder and designer Giampiero Alcozer. His vocation for the forging of small works of art was born in 1973, at the age of eleven, when he received his first coral as a gift from a fisherman in Cuba, together with the words "in a few years you will make a jewel for your loved one".
As a prophecy, this phrase has inspired all his creations by laying the foundations for a brilliant - it is appropriate to say - career in the jewelry industry.
The love for travel leads him to visit distant countries, of which Giampiero assimilates the cultures, scents and colors that he pours into his bijoux over the years.

After a period of training, in which he treasures various creative experiences and artistic stimuli in several European and African countries, he falls in love with Florence, where he decides to establish the base of his workshop to create unique jewels of classic inspiration and contemporary taste.
Thanks to the knowledge of the techniques of artisan goldsmithing, a team of young designers and the art of getting by at any cost, high-quality handmade jewels entirely made in Italy are designed and created in the first workshop in via dei Rustici, dedicated to all women who love to dare.
Following the success of these first products, the company expands, and the first single-brand stores open in Italy and abroad.

In 2002 the brand finds its current home in via Mannelli, where new and excellent spaces allow the production to grow and outline the first lines of jewelry: thus the UNIC collections are born, small always different series of 11 objects, plus a proof of author, and the more sober and ancient-inspired CLASSIC collection.
Over the years the lines have followed one another, with ever new themes and more ambitious challenges, but always maintaining the quality of Italian craftsmanship.
Giampiero's many years of training, inspired by multicultural artistic currents, is the secret of the uniqueness of the Alcozer & J brand products, in which the timeless taste and elegance of the past merge with a vision of the future, always kept current by the continuous search for new styles and materials.