The craftsmanship of the product is the essence of the Alcozer & J brand, and is guaranteed by a deep knowledge of the goldsmith's techniques and by a young and close-knit team, to which Giampiero Alcozer entrusts his ideas to turn them into reality.
The designer's experience guides the staff's hands in the realization of his works of art in all phases: from the choice of hard stones, drops of color from every corner of the planet, to the creation of the jewel that will keep them perfectly.

The artist's eye is capable of catching a spark of originality even in the most common objects that surround us, which become protagonists of a different story every time. The translation of an idea actually begins with a sketch on a sheet, followed by the construction of the wax model and the brass casting, which will then be polished to the warm tones of gold.
Finally, the subsequent gilding and painting are used to make the stone shine even more, which will find its perfect accommodation when gluing in the bezel.